Chenxiao (Atlas) Guo
Ph.D. Student in Cartography / GIS at UW-Madison
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My Resume

Updated in Feb 2022


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• Geospatial: ArcGIS (Desktop, Pro, Server, Engine) | QGIS | TransCAD | GeoDa | Envi | Erdas | GE Engine • Cartography: ArcGIS (Pro, Online, Dashboard, StoryMaps) | Mapbox | Leaflet | D3 | Blender | • Design: Illustrator | Photoshop | CorelDraw | Inkscape | AutoCAD | Flash | After Effect | Dreamweaver • Development: JavaScript | HTML | CSS | ASP.NET MVC | Android | PostgreSQL | SQL Server | MongoDB | AWS • Analysis: Python | R | Java | C# | MATLAB | SPSS | Gephi | Tableau | Visual Basic | C++ | Pascal

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Atlas of Me

As an "Atlas", I keep enriching myself.

Harry Potter Themed Web Map

Customized Mapbox map with H.P. related sites in the U.K.

Trajectories in Rescaled Symbols

Innovative twitter-based visualization of 2017 Hurricane Harvey

Madison and Vicinity

Map quilt challenge during "Graphic Design in Cartography" classroom (contributing one piece)

"Not Gone with the Wind" Story Map

Introducing 2017 Hurricane Harvey using Esri StoryMaps narrative

Proportion of U.S. Houses and Governors

A news map for Madison's largest Chinese media platform

Twitter's Gender Representativeness

UCGIS Poster for evaluating the gender representativeness of twitter

"When Badger Meets Bulldog"

My past and future road trip routes between UW-Madison and UGA

Twitter Sentiments Towards COVID-19

Value-by-alpha map of sentiments with twitter representativeness level

"Home Metro Map"

Hilarious graphic design of transit map in memory of 2020 quarantine days within an apartment unit

Madison and Wisconsin COVID-19 Pandemic Dashboards

WLIA Contest Best Student Map

Twitter Trajectories During Covid-19

Ongoing exploration of 5 million trajectories regarding covid-19

Pumpkin World Map

Drawing projected map onto ellipsoid (pumpkin), as a compromise between 3D globe and flat surface's distortion

Visitor Map of Athens-Clarke County

Typography and icon challenge with terrain representation

News Map for Member Countries in RCEP

Another instant news map (country boundaries according to PRC)

Ancient Chinese Style Map Design

Customized map with ancient Chinese fonts and styles using Mapbox

Cartography is a charming journey.
I am always on the way.

Atlas as Me

My name is Chenxiao Guo. I go by Atlas.

I am a Ph.D. student in Geography (cartography / GIS) with minor in Computer Science, Spatial Computing and Data Mining Lab, UW-Madison. With general interests in GIScience and cartography, my research direction includes spatiotemporal analytics, cartographic visualization, social media text mining, and natural disaster management, devoted to bridging geospatial data science, cartography and social good.

After acquiring my doctoral degree, I am willing to work in geospatial-cartographic companies or organizations, trying to combine the essential value of spatial science, cartographic visualization, and emerging techniques in computer science, statistics, and artificial intelligence to provide more comprehensive and intelligent geographic information services and cartographic narratives.

I come from Zibo, a historical city in eastern China. In the recent decades, I used to live in Jinan, Zhuhai, Taipei, Guangzhou, Athens (GA), Madison, Middleton (WI), and currently in Athens (GA). As a geography person (an "Atlas"), I keep learning from not only our books, but also the nature and our society. I believe technology should provide insights in understanding geographic world and serving the society.

I love explorations and really enjoy my hobbies:

Map Collection

Collecting interesting maps has always been my hobby since childhood. So far I have got a great collection of hundreds of maps, globes and atlases.


I love both Chinese and English calligraphy, especially Zhuanke (seal-engraving), which is carving stone seals with ancient Chinese characters (seal script).


Traveling is geographers' common hobby. It is of great fun to use my lens to play with the light and composition, enjoying the beauty of our dynamic globe.

Musical Instrument

I love Chinese and Irish/Celtic traditional music. I was the tin/low whistle and Gugin player in the ensemble of Asian Musical Instrument Community.